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CodePath's Advanced Interview Prep Course
Summer 2018 Edition

CodePath is offering a 12-week intensive interview prep course for university students via a remote classroom. The course will help you ace technical interviewing and give you a preview of real-world challenges in industry.

This course is designed to prepare you to solve challenging algorithm problems in real interviews at top companies. It includes:

  • Lectures, labs
  • Interview practice
  • Mentorship from top professionals
  • Info sessions from senior engineers

This course assumes you know the basics of data structures like linked lists, trees, and graphs and feel comfortable with easy to medium difficulty interview questions. It's designed to be a challenging course solving tougher algorithm problems. As part of the admissions process, we will help calibrate your readiness level.

In the future, we will offer additional courses for students who are earlier in their algorithm prep process.


  • Early Admissions application deadline is March 31st
  • Regular Admissions ends May 1, 2018
  • 12-week interview prep course with weekly HackerRank assessments
  • Starts the week of June 4th
  • Two 2-hour sessions each week with topic introductions, and mock interviewing sessions
  • Up to 100 university students will be selected from the applications to participate

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What are the requirements?