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CodePath organizes completely free 8-week mobile developer evening bootcamps designed to ramp up professional engineers on Android development. Our next observer program is coming up on October 11th.

We are partnering with Airbnb to offer our first ever international self-paced online observer track for a selected group of engineers interested in ramping up on Android. Information about mobile and other full-time roles at Airbnb will be made available should you want to learn about them after the class.

As an online observer, you will be able to follow along with the other participants in the course via online self-paced learning. You will have access to recorded videos, slides, projects, guides, and all the materials you need. You won't be held accountable to any deadlines or attend live sessions and you will be taking the course in a independent study capacity. Observers will be grouped into a slack channel and mailing list and be able to provide each other support during the course or choose to form into teams to work on the group project.

Obviously this is a very different experience from attending in-person and as a result participating as an observer requires a tremendous amount of self-motivation but we have had highly motivated individuals find the observer program very helpful in leveling up on Android.


  • Application deadline is October 1st (Rolling, Apply Early)
  • Observer class begins Tuesday, October 11th without any sessions
  • Project-centered online program with a project given each week to build
  • Ideal for highly motivated developers that want to transition into Android development
  • Up to 30 students will be selected from the applications to participate as an observer

The curriculum is designed to prepare you to build any mobile app you want and learn everything you need to start as a professional Android developer.

Be sure to email us if you have any questions!

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Living in the San Francisco area? If you are in San Francisco or are able to attend in-person, you should apply as an in-person participant instead.