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About the CodePath Cybersecurity Course - Fall

The Cybersecurity course focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of web application security with the aim of providing a foundational level of knowledge matched with offensive and defensive skills developed through hands-on experience. Students will learn the basics of cybersecurity and common vulnerabilities and attacks, receiving hands-on practice in both exploitation techniques and strategies for protecting and hardening applications. Developed in partnership with Facebook, the course introduces a wide range of topics via a combination of sessions, videos, projects, and labs, giving students both a thorough grounding in the details of cybersecurity and an introduction to the broader landscape of information security.

Application deadline is October 1st (Apply early)

Key Details

  • Course Duration: Typically 12 Weeks (or depending on your university)
  • Activities and Assignments: Weekly labs and capture the flags (CTF)
  • Time Commitment: 5-10+ hours per week in addition to in-class time
  • Attendance: Students are expected to attend all in-person, weekly classes and labs

Review the FERPA compliance policy here.

Estimated Course Start Dates

For credit : Enroll via university

  • California State University, San Bernadino (IST 590 02): Sep 23
  • City University of New York (CSC 59938): Aug 27
  • Hofstra University (CSC 007 and CSC 143v): Sep 4
  • Mississippi State University (CSE 4253/6253): Aug 22
  • St. Ambrose University (CSCI 480A): Aug 25
  • Texas A&M - San Antonio (CSC4253/6253): Aug 22

Non-credit : Open enrollment

  • Merritt University: Aug 31 (F 3:00-5:00 pm)

If your university is not on the list, please fill out this short university request form so that we can bring this course to your university. Sign up for our mailing list to get notified once this course is available in your campus.

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