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What is a Technical Program Manager (TPM) in the context of courses?

TPMs are the most important part of a successful program! You manage the program and logistics at your university as well as provide the first line of technical support to students in class and online.

Full TPM description here

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide your students with technical support for labs and assignment
  • Communicate course updates & announcements to your students from Facebook & CodePath
  • Ensure students are following course policies and procedures
  • Manage class operations (attendance, leading lectures, booking a room)
  • Advocate for the needs of your students
  • Attend bi-weekly video sync with CodePath & Facebook

Perks & benefits

  • Easy accessibility to Facebook and CodePath's team members
  • Direct management experience
  • Direct relationship with Facebook and CodePath organizations
  • Support with resume building & credibility
  • Higher priority given for opportunities to scholarships, conferences, and projects

What is TPM Training?

TPMs go through a 6 week accelerated training program that covers the material from the full semester long course, as well as strategies for preparing and executing a high quality program. TPMs from all participating universities will meet weekly via remote video calls. Besides the remote session aspect, TPM training is uses the same format as the full semester in-person course. Each meeting will consist of hands on Hacking Lab Challenges, Capture the Flags (CTF) and other cybersecurity attack based activities. After the 6 weeks, you will have everything you need to run your class from start to finish, with supporting you the entire way.


  • Application deadline is December 13th (Rolling, Apply Early)
  • Complete the pre-work by Nov 6 (~ 2-3 hours of work, more details follow after completing the application)
  • Starts Saturday, November 11th via Zoom Video Conference
  • 6-week project-centered training course
  • Ideal for CS and related majors
  • Sign up for an optional info session / pre-work session on Oct 28th 12-2pm:

Check out more details on the or email us if you have any questions.

What are the requirements?

  • All labs and assignment projects must be completed by the weekly deadline. Only one 48 hour extension will be granted during the training.
  • Attendance to remote video sessions is mandatory. Only 2 excused absences are allowed for the 6 week training.

FERPA compliance policy